BUY 20 BEATS for $20.00 [WTF!]

Lease Terms [Streams 250,000, Video Plays 1,000,000] – Beats will be sent as a download link to your email as 44kWAVs within 24 hours of purchase along with the standard lease permission legals. Beats with samples on are the responsibility of the artist prior to national or commercial release. You may credit “Prod By. BARE EAST BEATS” in your release titles but it is not a requirement by any means. Make music and enjoy!
  •     By Your Side
  •     Live Your Life
  •     Green Flowers
  •     So Warm
  •     Never Party
  •     8 Days a Week
  •     Freedom
  •     Gratitude
  •     In A Bedroom
  •     Basics
  •     Stegosaurus
  •     Sound FX
  •     Mad One
  •     Cowboys & Damsels
  •     Animal
  •     Happy Dion
  •     Flagship
  •     Ell Oh Vee
  •     Charlie
  •     Preys For Me

The MPC Tape [BIO] – A 20 track, professionally studio mixed and mastered beat tape masterpiece with some truly original MPC sampling, composing, arrangements, heavy kicks and catchy vibes. Early soul and modern pop influences bring together a sik canvas for any rapper looking to turn a few heads on the topic of originality. A magnificent sculpture of lead melody lines, unpredictable variation, middle 8s and original fx chains. Over 1000 hours of studio production and sound design! Buy it here and here only at DENIM VOCAL STUDIO. [$20.00 for leases and WAV files for ALL 20 tracks!]