“I run this studio as a creative space, it is a way of life for me. I brought the building outright in 2016 with no ongoing cost commitment and have plenty of work. I offer studio time to artists as an extension of what i do. The studio is not to be confused with a studio that is an out and out walk in “service studio”. I run a very personal, closed to the public operation here.

Although I welcome all enquiries openly, my journey as an engineer is just as important to me as the aspirations are to the artists that reach out to work with a studio like mine. I am respectfully selective about who i choose to let into my creative space and share my experience, workflow, recording strategies, gear, and time with. There are plenty of one man band smaller studios in London and beyond like myself, my sound is audibly more accurate through experience and creatively more dominant. My analogue gear collection is of larger size and value. I, and my clients are aware of the significant difference in sound quality and “creative sugar” on offer here when compared to the other studios in the amateur artist price bracket. Engineering for independent artists is just a small slice of what i do in the music industry. I compose here, produce here, engineer here and beyond for corporate projects. Nevertheless i do offer some service recording time each week at a rate that is affordable for independent artists as working with different music consistently is important to an engineer working in an industry that is fuelled by trend. So don’t be put off by this message, please reach out if you think we can gel and work well together in a recording session…..lets work.”

If you are an independent artist seeking a higher quality sound bracket and are looking to book studio time here: Email denimvocalstudio@gmail.com or DM @happypuppydenim on instagram. Please explain who you are, your genre, and what you are looking to achieve.

Kind regards and luv!
Denim The Engineer
Engineer, Composer, Producer