Analogue Rack

My rack rule is simple. 12U of rack capacity including a 1U balanced patchbay. 12U cannot be exceeded unless a unit is removed and listed for sale/trade. This forces focus and allows me to experiment on a lot of different bits of gear each month.

I am not interested in studio porn style studios or racking up gear that i do not consider as gradeA [analogue, digital, conversion] quality. I see far too many producers with far too much gear and unfocused-non-exceptional audio work. It is 2019 guys….

I enjoy technical production. Experimental tracking and mixing techniques is the core of my enjoyment. I model my own techniques and signal paths both in and outside of DAW. This is why i use (and always will use) Reason10 as my DAW. I consistently bounce audio in and out and enjoy complex wiring diagrams inside of Reason10s reverse rack design options (tab key).

I pre amplify with the Great River ME-1NV into an API2500 in mono. I parallel compress out of the ME-1NV unbalanced output into a DI box which then runs back into the rig in various combinations including travel on occasion into the Avalon737s full strip options.

For cleaner vocals i will pre amp up with the Avalon737 then re output from daw into various combinations, including using my Warm Audio 1176 and LA2a clones to stack up and blend compression into buses.

My Telefunken Copperhead is my mic of choice but i will also dual mic track with an SM57 which i layer and use for a variety of error correction techniques. All of which are experimental and enjoyable.

My API2500 is used consistently to stereo compress individual stereo tracks and stereo bus tracks. This compressor is also my compressor of choice for sidechaining isolated sibilant signals on each mono vocal track.

The RME ADI2 PRO is my interface of choice. It runs 2 ins and 4 outs which in synergy with the additional mono monitor out signal from the ME-1NV provides me with everything i need.

My rack is built specifically to consistently patch on each and every required technical decision required. No record has the same settings.

patchbay template