The Music So Far

“In Feb 2016 i moved into an wine shop converted in an apartment… During the first winter i was sure it was haunted… The bedroom was SO cold. I was later informed by the developer that this was because i was in fact sleeping in the companies old wine stock room and the floor beneath me…and in fact above me…was 6 foot solid masonry!

With this newly discovered information i hosted many a late night party and decided to see just how loud i could get the hi fi.. After an entire 2 years of only receiving noise complaints from my own guests i concluded… “this weird little gaff is soundproof”… That had me thinking… I should build a studio here…

I make all my music in my weird little wine shop apartment. I capture a lot of enjoyment from producing sound so raw and unprocessed it’s real… if that makes any sense to anyone… every session is an enjoyable journey and learning experience for me. If i’m not building a PC or wiring up a new bit of equipment, i’m writing and recording.

I stopped collaborating with producers which was me since 2009 and finally started committing fully to producing all my own material in early 2018. I’ve given myself a total of 6 electric shocks, accumulated a basket of leads and connectors that do not fit their purchase for purpose, brought old gear from some of London’s filthiest studios only to find out it buzzes like a horny bumble bee, and have successfully and fully accidentally…spilt a significant amount of pink paint over my own chihuahua.

Happy Puppy Denim
Happy Puppy Denim

I write all my own melodies when i produce, i don’t sample loop. Everything worming its way into your ear canal from me this side is all home brewed. I’d like to say sample packs are cool, but… yeh….they aren’t to me…. Im very much into manual sound capture and editing all my own samples on the MPC.

Every sample, every sound is made from scratch. Whether it is instrumented, synthed, manipulated from a digital instrument, analogue recorded from me banging an old coffee tin, or sampled and diced from a record to the point that you have no idea what the original record even was.

This year has been fun. I learnt some cool things about the music industry and BBC Radio have played me a fair bit which i am very grateful for. Especially with zero PR.

When i am not working or pretending to imitate airport confectionery manikins I am….Happy Puppy Denim….


Happy Puppy Denim: Ace Of Spades [unreleased]
Happy Puppy Denim: Flagship [unreleased]
Happy Puppy Denim: The Only Copy EP [unreleased]