“This will change the game! I can record at home and get analogue processing remotely. That’s huge!

The company will launch officially in June as a portal based software. Home Studio[Artists] will access the service via pre approval. Serious artists only. Artists can log in, load and track projects, receive processed files on their dash, make revision requests, share vocals with other artists and producers via private link as they wish [collab ready]. We are the first company to offer artists a virtual vocal engineer service that charges per file. It’s business…but it’s personal! Your voice is custom to you and we build you a custom gear and processing chain. Not only do we process vocal stems on analogue gear at a fraction of the cost you pay in a brick and mortar studio, but we store the settings for you on your profile for you to see (+multiple setting profiles) – so next time you come back we know exactly what to dial into our gear rack to get you that consistent sound. We are going to save artists 1,000s of dollars in 2019 whilst helping take home studio artists to the next sound bracket. MICUP, RECORD, LOVE.




MICUP is a virtual audio engineer service specialising in raw to stage 1 processed vocals. This process occurs in a professional recording studio prior to the vocals being tailored to style inside a daw.

It is a mandatory step that home studios are not able to achieve because it requires physical analogue equipment to obtain clean amplification, compression and sibilance management

Vocals are significantly easier to work with inside a DAW and with plugins once they have received professional stage 1 treatment. Plugins respond more accurately and as the developer intended when a vocal file is, clean, full and spectrum managed correctly.

See how much easier it is to work with your vocal inside your DAW
after using MICUP and getting processed VOX files back!

We are your virtual engineer.

“We do the science, keeping you in creative and production mode at all times.”


Q: How much will the service cost once it is live?
A: 10.00usd for the first stem. 2.50usd per additional stem in the song.

Q: Is there a members fee?
A: No.

Q: What do i need to use the dashboard service?
A: A microphone, a preamp/interface.

Q: Do you mix the song?
A: No. We process vocal stems. You can then add plugins in your DAW as you like to taste after receiving the vocals files back from us then mix your own song! That’s the point 🙂

Q:I am a producer/label owner. Can i have more than one artist on my dash?
A:Yes. Unlimited. Settings and projects are stored per artist

Q:How much gear does the company own?
A:To date the company owns around 30,000USD of analogue gear and all of the gear is vocal processing specific. this will increase to over 50,000USD by 2020.

Q:Why don’t other studios offer this service?
A: Simple. It is not profitable for them. A studio wants to sell you the whole package. Our software streamlines all the admin and communication between studio and artist as well as storing settings for both studio and artist to repeat business fast together.