Frequently Asked Questions

I am a 10 year experienced audio engineer that runs a personalised vocal studio service from converted premises in Walton On Thames, Greater London.

Below are all my commonly asked FAQs

Where are you based?

6 minutes walk from Walton On Thames Rail. Which is a 18 minute fast train from Clapham Junction or a 29 minute train from Vauxhall.

Do you have parking?


Is this your full time job?

Yes. 40-60 hours a week.

Do you do dry hire?


Do you take cash on the day?

No, never. From experience, clients that are serious about their artistry own a debit card, have a bank balance and will always be happy to commit to a slot time via an online transaction that reveals to me their full name and address.

If I am not happy do you provide refunds?

Yes. + I have never had this request to date.

Can you do autotune?

Yes, I can custom design your autotune sound design and make you sound as close to the settings of any other referenced artists material.

Do you produce beats and backing tracks for me in session?

I offer my production and beat customisation services to artists making EPs or Albums only. As standard I do not offer composing, producing or song writing services within vocal recording sessions. I run a vocal studio, artists are expected to bring their own backing tracks via their 3rd party producer. However, I release 1 free beat each week and it’s access criteria for free use and customisation during session is an 4 hour booking.

Do you mix during the session?

Yes. Stage 1 mixing occurs during your session and a plain master with basic limiter settings are applied for you to take away.

What if I want a perfectly mixed and mastered record for release purposes?

There are two options, the first is that I can mix and master the record remotely, the second is that you can join me at the studio and direct me with the precise specifics. All mixing services fall within the hours price on the relevant rate card and must be paid for in advance. It is sensible to call and ask for an estimation first.

What is a Detailed DI Master?

A digital WAV master using no analogue gear.

What is a Detailed  DI and AN Master?

A digital WAV master using stereo analogue gear to further sculpt and control the vocal bus separately prior to mastering the record digitally.

What makes your studio different?

I run a focused vocal studio that is very heavily driven on analogue tracking techniques. I am not like the small studios you will find in and around London that use very basic set ups from a vocal capture and processing perspective. I use a very large list of processing equipment that’s goal is to record your voice as close to complete as possible without the use of plugins and corrective digital approaches. This requires a much heavier investment in physical industry grade recording gear.

Do you use an isolation chamber to capture dry vocal sounds?

No, again, this is a mistake made and restriction that most small studios find themselves in, having to capture a dry vocal and adding digital plugins to it after. I use professionally enhanced reflections panels and through a variety of more professional techniques and higher quality equipment, I capture natural vocal sounds in their full capacity. On the occasion that a very dry vocal is needed [for wide spread layering], I use a back room and move the reflection panels together into a closed booth shape.  

I went to one of these small studios I wasn’t happy, why?

Over 75% of my clients that I work with have at least 1 story of a previously dissatisfied experience. There are 2 main reasons. The first is the studio they used was not “equipment equip” and the engineers experience was not large enough to manage sibilance and vocal whisp in “real time”. This means they have attempted to remove these harsh high end sounds manually with plugins after the recording which is a demo record cutting approach. The second is that usually the autotune work was not sound designed, referenced or planned professionally. Many artists have complained about studios just adding an autotune VST and expecting the autotune software to know exactly what to do. Obviously… that is ridiculous.  

Can you email me more music other that that you post in the weekly sidebar?

I do not send out any of my client material. That work is private to them and has been paid for under professional circumstance.