Happy Puppy Denim is a full package record producer and sound experimentation artist from Surrey, United Kingdom. A fully equip studio owner, audio engineer, track production professional, songwriter.

As a Producer: An untrodden journey inspired by a variety of weird and wonderful sampling techniques, mpc and chopped drum looping, synth, 8bit sound pallets, and experimental analogue sound capture craziness. Huge mix mat layers warm a canvus in REASON10 while pairing with physical analogue processing electronics.

Engineer: Over 10 years of experimental engineering with a passion for analogue equipment. With a methodology that artistic audio should not be compromised by stereotypical audio engineering science: an enormous handbook of self invented audio processing techniques was born. Over the past decade he has harvested his techniques from seed to delicious crop, challenging industry reference material and YouTubers alike.

Recording Artist: An ear pricking vocal delivery style that unpredictably showcases melodic matching sounds created from vibrating muscles in the throat. A performer, a writer, a composer. Insanely unique and consistently in variation. “I really like what he does”: BBC Radio Introducing

HPD has stormed BBC Radio Introducing in the previous 12 months