“…is the happy go lucky, catchy 70s soul-sample mixtape project.
Basking in originality under the Happy Puppy Denim kaleidoscope!”

LALALA will be a *5 track* studio quality mixed and mastered “free mixtape”. Released on all major mobile mixtape apps and available to download here at

Whatever sub genre of hip-hop you are in today as an artist:
this one is all about old school good mood vibes

Join forces with fellow rappers from different sub genres for a synchronised singular social media post for #lalala on drop day. It’s all luv!

Artists that have been invited or are interested in getting involved in this project should select a production draft they would like to work with and should make CONTACT 

Original: Lee Fields & The Expressions
Standing By Your Side
Truth & Soul Records. Released in 2015

Original: Gloria Taylor
Whizenglo Records. Released 1970

Original: A.C. Caldwell
Get Up And Help Yourself
Rim Records. Released in 1976

Original: High Inergy
Love Is All You Need
Gordy Records. Released in 1978

Original: The Barons Ltd.
Symphony Of Gratitude
Chimneyville Records. Released 1970

Project Sponsor

happy puppy denim bbc radio introducing
Happy Puppy Denim: As heard on BBC RADIO UNITED KINGDOM

Disclaimer: This project is for professional artists that have access to professional grade studio tracking gear. Mixing and mastering will occur in London, UK. As part of the application process, you will be asked to confirm what equipment you are planning to use to capture your audio prior to recording it and sending it across. This project is fueled by circular social media collaboration between everyone taking part. As such, all collaborators will be asked to confirm good will acceptance to take part in the synchronised social media post collaboration and engagement that will take place on drop day.