22/02/2019: “Hey everyone! I’m seeking a whole bunch of rappers for a full sampled soul themed LP. All produced and engineered by yours truly. Full beat catalogue ready for all ya’ll to have a dig through. Drop me a message and link me your music to submit and get involved in the madness.”


“You can’t deny he has a sound all of his own! I really do like what he does.”

BBC Radio Introducing (Melita Dennett)

“Now for something more playful.”

BBC Radio 6 (Tom Robinson)

“Modern uncontaminated magnificence.”

Headphones For Robots

“Insane job with the vocals, they’re really nice!”

Bass Boost Everything (Morgan)

“Nice production on this. Liking the overall sound.”

Plastic Mag

“You’re cool.”


“He’s so brilliant!”

BBC Radio Introducing (Kairen Kemp)